Web Projects

Past web projects include:-

Brisbane City Council –

  • Review of Access Brisbane Website. This project reviewed the content of the site, eliminated duplication and identified gaps to ensure an accurate, up to date, user friendly website listing over 1,000 facilities that cater for people with a disability in Brisbane.
  • Developing Online Development Workshops for Community Organisations. This online resource assists facilitators to run workshops on “Strategic Planning” and “Protecting your Organisation – Developing Policies and Procedures”. The resource includes facilitator’s handbooks and participant workbooks.
  • Festivals Online – Development of a website for community festival organisers.
  • Community Directory Online.  This project focused on the feasibility of Council undertaking the population and maintenance of a community directory of approx 20,000 listings.

Sport and Recreation Queensland –

  • Developing website content. Rewriting “Recreation – More than a Pastime” in a format suitable for the internet.
  • “Careers in the Sport and Recreation Industry” website. This project involved editing past work and addressing inconsistencies. It also involved developing case studies to be featured on the website.  This information was reproduced on CD and distributed to all High Schools in Queensland.