Past Evaluation Projects include:-

  • Department of Housing – Evaluation of Change Management.  Intensive staff consultation across Qld to discern the effectiveness of the change management process
  • Office of Youth- Positive Futures – Evaluation of the pilot project of “Positive Futures”, a relationship strategy for disadvantaged youth. Twenty two service providers were evaluated across Queensland. The focus of this evaluation was to document the changes needed to make this very successful British program appropriate for the Qld environment.
  • Department of Communities –      Evaluation of the Referral for Active Intervention (RAI) project, an intervention strategy based on a mentoring program to assist parents in  crisis
  • Department of Communities – Review of the Implementation of One Social Housing System – A series of workshops and focus groups were run across Qld with Housing staff and Housing Providers (NGO’s) to evaluate OSHS.
  • Department of Communities – Addressing Volatile Misuse initiative – Client outcomes.  Workshops and interviews with funded services and referral agencies were conducted across Qld to evaluate the effectiveness of the Qld Government’s Volatile      Misuse initiative. The focus of this project was to discern whether the initiative was achieving real outcomes for the target group.