Our team

Miriam Martin, Director

Miriam has been operating her consultancy business since 1998. Miriam has a reputation for reliability, competence and friendliness. The number of repeat clients is a testament to the quality of the work and the ability to deliver on time, within budget.

Her evaluation work is distinctive, independent and gives an indepth understanding of strategic and policy implications. She is renowned for her communication skills, enabling clear and unbiased input from a variety of stakeholders.  Her consultation mechanisms are tailored to the individual target group, and she has had successful interaction with a huge range of representative groups, from severely disadvantaged young people to leaders in business and politics.

Miram is well known for her facilitation skills and is constantly requested to develop workshops on a variety of topics. Her facilitations focus primarily on engagement and the outcome.

Liz Upham,

Liz has been operating for over 10 years and specialises in evaluation, social research, social policy and social planning. She has extensive experience as a project manager, and is skilled in establishing and managing teams, managing large budgets, and developing project plans that effectively provide outcomes with budgetary and time constraints. She has quality systems in place ensure the best possible outcomes. Liz is also an excellent writer.

Liz has worked on many success projects with Miriam over the past 9 years and more recently Leilani has joined the team. They have developed particular expertise in consulting with the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Leilani Pearce

Leilani works primarily with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and human services sector in Queensland and more broadly in Australia for over 16 years. Leilani has previously assisted the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human Services Coalition (QATSIHSC) and the Quandamooka Regional Health Forum (Stradbroke Island) in their strategic deliberations in relation to homelessness. On a broader level, Leilani works locally, regionally, state-wide, and nationally for health and human service sector agencies. Leilani ensures that the methodology and implementation of any evaluation complies with accepted national standards of cultural competency.